Sterling Silver Irminsul Pendant


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The Irminsul is the pillar that supports the world in Germanic tradition. The cosmic tree, which serves as the connecting axis between masculine Asgard and a feminine Earth. A symbol of cosmic order, as defined by the god Tyr, whose rune (Tiwaz) the Irminsul represents.
This is one of the first lost wax castings I ever created. Over the years the mold has been used to create hundreds of impressions.

Product Features:

  • crafted from .925 Sterling Silver using the Lost wax casting method.
  • sterling silver bale will accept a necklace or cord up to 4mm diameter.
  • Measures 1.125 inches (28mm) tall and 1.25 inches (32mm) wide.

A necklace or cord is not included.

Weight .5 lbs
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