New Vinyl die cut decals!

::2 June 2013::
-The onslaught of Vinyl Die Cut Decals is coming in the next few weeks…Black Sun, Odin on Sleipnir, Wegwisir, Ægishjálmur, Walknut, 2 different Mjölnir designs, Freya, Odin’s Eye, Freki and some others.

The “Symbols” will be offered in Black, White, Red, Coyote Tan, and OD Green. Many of these will be geared toward our Armed (And Unarmed) Forces.

The “Figures” will be offered in Black, White or Red mostly.

If someone wants a custom colour, we will be able to accommodate that as well.

Our market is not only for Vehicular Windows, but for iPhone / iPad / even the archaic iPod, Altars, Interior Walls and wherever else an adhesive Decal will adhere to. These are guaranteed to last for 5+ years out of doors, barring of course rear windshield wiper usage and other such friction causing elements!

Suggestions / Comments? Contact Us.

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