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::23 January 2014:: -We are presently moving forward with our Trade Medallion Program. It is possible that we will begin the 1/10 oz Silver FuthMark series soon. We plan to release them in Ætts, ideally. Which would break down to : A) 1: Fehu through 8: Wunjo B) 9: Hagalaz through 16: Sowilo C) 17: Tiwaz through 24: Dagaz -Each FuthMark would cost $5, and would act as the “Dime” in our Program. Obviously, each Trade Medallion will have 1 (one) of the Elder Futhark Runes on the “Obverse (face)”, and the IrminFolk logo, Year, Metal, Purity and Weight as the “Reverse”- so, there will be 24 DIFFERENT Trade Medallions alone in this 1/10 oz Series! -We already have published a new item which will be marketed as an intentional Trade Item for 1 (one) FuthMark.

-Also, we are currently in Negotiation for more 1/2 oz Silver and POSSIBLY the 1/2 oz Copper which was supposed to be released Simultaneously with the Silver….STAY TUNED!

BRAND NEW : **Wulf – Collected Writings of an English Wodenist <Order> -The publisher (Black Front Press) SOLD OUT of the entire run 24 hours after announcing it was in Hand. We are the only distributor with any left. There will not be a RePress in ANY foreseeable future. Act Fast!

RESTOCK : -Blacksmithed (Forged) Thor’s Hammer Pendants – we will be getting more shortly from the same Blacksmith (Dave Hobson). We currently have 3 left.

ON THE WAY (THIS MONTH) : **Eliwagar – Sagn fra Nordafolkets Land CD **Eliwagar – Fra Hjertet av Norden CD **Eliwagar – Gryningen CD

-We encourage ALL of our customers to come back after receiving their order and write up a Review of the product(s) purchased. Simply click on the product, and click the “Reviews” Tab, then “Submit Yours”. Positive or Negative feedback is VERY appreciated. It takes 3 minutes.

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::29 December 2014:: 

*Book Pricing – We have updated how the pricing is conveyed. We used to have the Cover Price listed as the “Regular Price”, and Our Price listed as the “Sale Price”, this became a confusing process when we wanted to do a sale. Thus, going forward, ALL cover prices are listed in the Description, and will be priced accordingly. Nothing has been raised, and in fact we Keep almost ALL of our Books Below what Amazon Charges! Fuck Global Commerce!

*Welcome to ’14 – 8 Day Sale!!! Nearly EVERY SINGLE ITEM we have is on sale, some are significantly reduced (up to 60% off!). Some will include FREE Items with the purchase. The Sale Starts on 1 January 14, and ends on 8 January 14.

*Shipping Charges – We have been forced to raise them significantly for International Orders. This is only going affect Heavier Orders (Books, Prints, and Orders or 6 or more ROLLS of Trade Medallions), our Regular customers who order under 2 Pounds (Lbs) at a time won’t notice any increase. See our new About Us / Shipping Rates page for more info.

::25 December 2013::

– Here is a new Article entitled “The Nature of Wyrd and Harnessing Possibility“. It was written by IrminFolk contributor Luther Kovac. This is the 3rd Article he has written for us this year, and is the most in depth, and extensive. Enjoy, and feel free to post Comments.

-If the USPS Coöperates, 2013 will end with our NEW Bottle Openers, HAND FORGED by Blacksmith Jakob William Faram. They took about 2 weeks to make, on his own property, at his own Forge. We will be selling them for $70, with minimum profit to us, in order to keep the price down! We expect shipment this weekend.


::8 December 2013:: -We have 21 Silver 1/2oz WMU Trade Medallions Physically left – RIGHT NOW. We will commence a Short Pre-Order when we run out, and do not anticipate being without them for more than a couple of weeks.

-BRAND NEW : **2.5″ Swarovski™ Jörmungandr Yule Ornmament <Order> **1.75″ (45cm X45cm) Hand Whittled Aircraft Aluminum Walknut Pendant <Order> **Harvest Rain – Gentile Peasantry CD SIGNED (2 left) <Order>

RESTOCK : **Tyr Volume 2 <Order> **Tyr Volume 3 <Order>

ON THE WAY (THIS MONTH) : **Books from RavensHalla Arts (Including Juleigh Howard Hobson) **Blacksmithed Mjöllnir Pendants from Dave Hobson **Books from Counter-Currents (LATE DECEMBER/EARLY JANUARY) **Blacksmithed Norse Wolf Bottle Openers

-We encourage ALL of our customers to come back after receiving their order and write up a Review of the product(s) purchased. Simply click on the product, and click the “Reviews” Tab, then “Submit Yours”. Positive or Negative feedback is VERY appreciated.

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::4 November 2013:: After receiving a string of emails asking where the Trade Medallions are, over the past 2 weeks, we spoke with the Production manager at the Mint today (4 Nov) regarding the status of the Wotan Mit Uns Silver Medallions.

The reason for the delay is that all of the machinery had to be re-tooled and set up to accept our custom half-ounce dies, but first they had to finish what they were already producing. They usually run one ounce medallions which are several millimeters larger.

Our medallions will be minted on the 6th of November and shipping to us for distribution immediately afterwards.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

::27 September 2013:: -We have officially announced the closing of PRE-ORDERS at the DISCOUNTED price of $22.50 for the 1/2 oz. Silver WMU Trade Medallions. The FINAL DATE for this price is 4 October 2013, after which they will return to $25.00 EACH.

-We have added 3 NEW Patch Designs : Reyn Til Runa Diamond, Red Mjölnir and a Black and White non velcro version of our exceedingly popular Wotan Mit Uns multicam Velcro patch

-We encourage ALL of our customers to come back after receiving their order and write up a Review of the product(s) purchased. Simply click on the product, and click the “Reviews” Tab, then “Submit Yours”. Positive or Negative feedback is VERY appreciated.

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::20 July 2013::

For those who are still not quite sure what the Trade Medallion campaign is about, this is a very informative video we have JUST released. Enjoy it!


::9 June 2013:: We need your input on the next trade medallion design! -We are starting to draft concept art for the next release of Trade Medallions. These coins will be minted in both .999 Fine Silver and .999 Fine copper simultaneously; they will be 1/2 ounce. -The reverse will be the same as the backs of the Thor Copper 1 oz. trade medallion, except the weight and metal content information will be appropriate for the mintage.

Please take the time to vote on a design. Please note that these are not the “Pre-flight ready” comps that would go to the engraver for dies; they need a lot of tweaking. These are rough thumbnail concepts for the sake of gauging what direction to go with the next release.

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::2 June 2013:: -The onslaught of Vinyl Die Cut Decals is coming in the next few weeks…Black Sun, Odin on Sleipnir, Wegwisir, Ægishjálmur, Walknut, 2 different Mjölnir designs, Freya, Odin’s Eye, Freki and some others.

The “Symbols” will be offered in Black, White, Red, Coyote Tan, and OD Green. Many of these will be geared toward our Armed (And Unarmed) Forces.

The “Figures” will be offered in Black, White or Red mostly.

If someone wants a custom colour, we will be able to accommodate that as well.

Our market is not only for Vehicular Windows, but for iPhone / iPad / even the archaic iPod, Altars, Interior Walls and wherever else an adhesive Decal will adhere to. These are guaranteed to last for 5+ years out of doors, barring of course rear windshield wiper usage and other such friction causing elements!

Suggestions / Comments? Contact Us.

::25 May 2013:: -To show our love and reverence for our Ancestors and their Honour, we are having a Sale to commemorate their deeds and existence. We have put our most popular items on sale through the 31st of May. This includes the roll of 20 Trade Medallions, and also the Thor Canvas Print (ALL SIZES).