Copper Thor 1 oz Trade Medallions (Roll of 20)


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One avoirdupois Ounce .999 pure Copper coin featuring a scene from the painting Thor’s Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge on the Obverse, and the Irminfolk’s logo on the Reverse.

This is for a roll of 20 Trade Medallions.

Medallion is 1.53″ (39mm) in Diameter

The Irminfolk Trade Medallions are compliant within the standards of the American Open Currency Standard (AOCS) and as such are comparable with all other alternative currency markets that use the AOCS standard.  The AOCS guarantees the Weight and Purity for every medallion minted and establishes an equitable rate of exchange between gold, silver, copper and fiat currencies.

This means that the Irminfolk will enjoy full interchangeability with any other alternative currency that bears the mark “AOCS APPROVED” at the going exchange rate.
You will be able to deposit silver Odin coins at the Free Lakota Bank for example.


Trade Medallions Sold Thus Far : 2600

Weight 2 lbs


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