Handmade Moor Oak “Maskenstein von Aarhus” Maskstone of Aarhus


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Carving after an old stone, erected about 1000 a.c. in Jütland, Denmark. The Mask seems to be a protecting spirit.
Moor oak is an ancient wood from an European tree having laid in a swamp, moor or mine for about 800-6000 years. This means, that this wood is a direct link to the European past. The black color is done by a natural process!  It’s painted with natural casein colour, oiled with linen oil, waxed and sanded. The Mask seems to be a protecting spirit.

Measures 24 x 16 x 1 cm

The inscription found on the stone is:

A: kunulfR auk augutr auk aslakR auk rulfR risþu
B: stin þansi eftiR ful fela(k)a sin iaR uarþ ( ) …y– tuþr
C:  þo kunukaR barþusk

A:  Gunnulfr and Eygautr/Auðgautr and Áslakr and Hrólfr raised
B:  this stone in memory of Fúl, their partner, who died
C:  when kings fought.

It’s not sure which kings are meant.

Futhark.org has set up a deal with the artist to drop-ship this carving directly from his studio in Germany. Please allow 2-4 weeks for international delivery.

Lärads Adern Holzkunsthandwerk | Historische Motive übertragen in Holz | laerads-adern.de

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