Oak “Runenstein Ringerike I” Gotland Runestone Wall Plaque


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Runestone from Gotland

1/2″ solid Oak

Size: 6 3/4″ X 5″

Green felt backing with attached wall hanger

The stone was done in the Ringerike style, 11 century

Below the runes there are two panels, both presumably representing the three gods Odin, Thor and Frey, because their attributes are are spear, hammer and scythe. The figures are wearing typical viking clothes: Hekla on the body and a skott-húfa on the head. On the left there is a bird, maybe
a swan or a crane, bowing his head over Frey. The meaning of the bird is unknown.

The runes in transcription:

: roþuisl : aug : farborn : auk : kunborn :


Hróðvisl and Farbjôrn and Gunnbjôrn

The meaning of the first name is unknown.The second one can be translated with “(Far) traveling bear” and the third is “Battle bear”.

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