Horn Mug, Polished


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Perfect for aesthetically setting the table during feast or Sumbel!

Hand made from horn that has been cut and heat-formed to shape a handle. A resin bottom seals the mug and provides a flat sturdy base.

Good, thick horn suitable for you to customize with light engraving, carving, and scrimshaw.

These horn mugs are brightly polished and thoroughly cleaned, ready for use.

Being hand made from natural horn, no two mugs are exactly the same. While the exact colors and shapes vary, most of these are generally black in color with some gray, amber, and ivory tones.

  • Horn mug holds at least 12 fluid ounces (350+ml)
  • Hand made from natural Cattle horn with manmade resin base
  • Thick walls suitable for personalization
  • Polished bright, cleaned thoroughly, ready for use.

Care instructions:

  • Heat softens horn and can deform your mug.
  • Not suitable for hot beverages
  • Not recommended for use with spirits or strong liquors
  • Do not put horn in the dishwasher
  • Hand wash with a bottle brush and dish soap


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