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The Gift Cycle, How Irminfolk Auxiliary membership can help the community at large

The Irminfolk Auxiliary is a donor-based member program designed to enhance our commitment to the propagation of native European Folk religions and to the development of formal and informal kindred affiliations beyond our immediate local area. By joining the Irminfolk Auxiliary you contribute to supporting the Irminfolk’s mission from wherever you may live. It provides an opportunity to be a part of a powerful, competent, professional structure and to network with other similarly oriented folkish heathens who may not have the ability to participate directly in the Primary Irminfolk Community activities requiring geographical proximity to us and other restrictive requirements.

Over the years, many people have expressed interest in joining the Irminfolk, or just wanted to find ways they could help out. Many people reach out to us seeking advice on best practices for their local kindred, or how they can incorporate some of our programs and features into their local initiatives. This Auxiliary program is the answer to that.

The Irminfolk provides Asatru kindred building and administration instruction; supports wholesome activities such as hikes, campouts and challenges; commissions and distributes awards  medals, and heraldry; facilitates the sharing of resources, and the establishment of settings where supportive friendships can form; and it facilitates formal and informal opportunities for networking, trade and frith. Your sponsorship can help these initiatives grow.

As a donor, your auxiliary membership does not incur any influence on the Irminfolk Odinist Community directly. Membership in the Irminfolk Auxiliary acts as a sponsorship program and is not the same as membership in The Irminfolk Odinist Community’s Primary Organization. Auxiliary members do not have the same commitments as full voting members of the Irminfolk do, and auxiliary members may not vote at Irminfolk board decisions. However, while you do not have a vote in how business is conducted, you DO have a voice and your feedback and ideas will have a platform.

How to Join

You can join by obtaining a membership card through this page, or directly from one of our vendors. Your sponsorship is a tax deductible donation. Auxiliary membership is available to any individual who accepts the principles and beliefs of the Irminfolk Odinist Community, pays the membership fee, and is 18 years of age or older.

As an auxiliary member, you will receive:

  • a welcome letter and a general information questionnaire to return to us.
  • a membership card indicating your current year of enrollment.
  • access to the Irminfolk Stammtisch member portal.
  • a subscription to Hamer Bulletin
  • additional benefits, like invitations to events, based on your kindred affiliation

Dues: Rather than create a giant bureaucracy, which would require staff and software to maintain a dues system and database (and all the security and training that entails), we decided to keep the program as simple and decentralized as possible. Each level of charitable donation is indicated with an appropriate membership card. Possession of the card is a token of having current membership. In this manner, you control your own membership enrollment and level at your own leisure. Your membership begins the moment your charitable donation is accepted, and all annual auxiliary memberships expire upon the New year.

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