Kolovrat Canvas Magnet (round)

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Hand painted Kolovrat on canvas magnet adorned with swarovski stones

3 inch diameter magnetic canvas

6 different color combinations

The Kolovrat is an ancient slavic symbol that represents the sun and it’s never ending cycle.  The kolovrat [spinning wheel] represents the Sun and is a symbol of the god Svarog. It represents strength, dignity, sun and fire. It is a symbol of secular as well as spiritual power. “Kolo” means wheel, and its “vrat” [spokes] are turning. The kolovrat represents the endless cycle of birth and deaths. [Each turn of] the wheel is a cycle of life in our world.

**All sales made on magnets will go directly to the Irminfolk Childrens Fund.**

Weight .05 lbs

Red Kolovrat on White, White Kolovrat on Red, Red Kolovrat on Blue, Blue Kolovrat on Red, Yellow Kolovrat on Blue, Blue Kolovrat on Yellow

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