“Sigurd : book of the heroic outlaw” by Craig Fraser


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Sigurd : book of the heroic outlaw

Written By Craig Fraser

Paperback (4.8” X 7.75”), 206 Pages, Mythology/Theology/Philosophy/Fitness

AÞalwulfaz Bōks (UK) 2013

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(From the Back Cover)

“The aim of religion, with the method of powerlifting. The goal of the warrior cast through the prism of strongman. We lift heavy stuff, we wrestle, we fight, we make bonds of brotherhood, we eat pork, drink mead and fuck maidens, but above all we see the power and mystery of the myth and its recurrent influence on our daily lives.

This book will tell you about yourself, and why your strength matters.

Craig Fraser’s unflinching exposé of the myths, legends, sagas and stories of the warrior cultures of the pas sheds a frightening light on the dwindling martial and virile concerns of modern man. In the eys of Sigurd and Brynhildr, the future man lies in his physical and spiritual strength and his comfort with the brutality of Nature, no matter what her manifestation. This book is the first step towards recreating a law of iron for the strongman and powerlifter.”

“Utterly compelling…in intimate and unflinching detail Fraser shows us how to and why we should be engaging with the past to march forward toward a glorious future, where everyone looks, lifts, fights and copulates like an ogre on meth.” – Harald Bloodaxe, Books of the Century

“The worship of violence, pain, misery and the ordeal of the human spirit, safely restored to centre stage in our perception of Saxon life…a grim and riveting work” – Sideward Bearn, Chronicle Review

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