Sunwheel (Odin’s Eye) 2.5″ Vinyl Decal


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This cross within a circle is one of the many symbols of the sun, and one of the oldest spiritual symbols of the Germanic peoples. It is representative of the seasonal cycles of the year, the cycles of agricultural success in the field, and the cycles of human events within the year. It invokes the vital cosmic powers of life, fertility, peace and power from the fire of the gods, along with having a deep connection to the Runes.

In ancient times small sunwheels made of wheat were set on fire and rolled down the fjörds into the bay in Scandinavian rituals at Midsummer.

“This sign shows the sun’s might working weal upon the Earth. A Symbol of unity and balance in all things – wisdom, intellect, spiritual power, law, order, contained religious force, holiness. The Solar Wheel is on of the oldest Symbols in Northern Europe and represents the Aryan Allfather Wotan.” -R.M. ‘ToW’ 2000

The Earth is represented to this day by the sunwheel in scientific communities. It is the symbol of Terra Firma, our planet – the very center of all magical and other worldly culminations from all nine worlds.

2.5 Inches Across
The vinyl is cut with a die-cut machine. Transfer Paper is then applied.
Application instructions are included.

These decals work well on smooth finished surfaces such as Walls (Home / Work), Glass (Automobile / Home), Metal (Bicycle / Automobile / Tank / Deuce and a Half / 5 Ton), Laptop / Notebook / iPhone or any other creative applications you can contrive! They will resist the elements of being Out-of-Doors for up to 6 years with minimal care.

***These look ESPECIALLY great adorning your Mobile Device…

These make great gifts at many of the big events around the world. They are easy to give to any group as a personal gift, or as an item for an Auction!

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Vinyl Colour

Black, White, Red, Coyote Tan, OD Green


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