Trade Medallions : FuthMark Ætts, Eliwagar CDs, Wulf Book…

::23 January 2014::
-We are presently moving forward with our Trade Medallion Program. It is possible that we will begin the 1/10 oz Silver FuthMark series soon. We plan to release them in Ætts, ideally. Which would break down to :
A) 1: Fehu through 8: Wunjo
B) 9: Hagalaz through 16: Sowilo
C) 17: Tiwaz through 24: Dagaz
-Each FuthMark would cost $5, and would act as the “Dime” in our Program. Obviously, each Trade Medallion will have 1 (one) of the Elder Futhark Runes on the “Obverse (face)”, and the IrminFolk logo, Year, Metal, Purity and Weight as the “Reverse”- so, there will be 24 DIFFERENT Trade Medallions alone in this 1/10 oz Series!
-We already have published a new item which will be marketed as an intentional Trade Item for 1 (one) FuthMark.

-Also, we are currently in Negotiation for more 1/2 oz Silver and POSSIBLY the 1/2 oz Copper which was supposed to be released Simultaneously with the Silver….STAY TUNED!

**Wulf – Collected Writings of an English Wodenist <Order>
-The publisher (Black Front Press) SOLD OUT of the entire run 24 hours after announcing it was in Hand. We are the only distributor with any left. There will not be a RePress in ANY foreseeable future. Act Fast!

-Blacksmithed (Forged) Thor’s Hammer Pendants – we will be getting more shortly from the same Blacksmith (Dave Hobson). We currently have 3 left.

**Eliwagar – Sagn fra Nordafolkets Land CD
**Eliwagar – Fra Hjertet av Norden CD
**Eliwagar – Gryningen CD

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