::29 December 2014:: 

*Book Pricing – We have updated how the pricing is conveyed. We used to have the Cover Price listed as the “Regular Price”, and Our Price listed as the “Sale Price”, this became a confusing process when we wanted to do a sale. Thus, going forward, ALL cover prices are listed in the Description, and will be priced accordingly. Nothing has been raised, and in fact we Keep almost ALL of our Books Below what Amazon Charges! Fuck Global Commerce!

*Welcome to ’14 – 8 Day Sale!!! Nearly EVERY SINGLE ITEM we have is on sale, some are significantly reduced (up to 60% off!). Some will include FREE Items with the purchase.
The Sale Starts on 1 January 14, and ends on 8 January 14.

*Shipping Charges – We have been forced to raise them significantly for International Orders. This is only going affect Heavier Orders (Books, Prints, and Orders or 6 or more ROLLS of Trade Medallions), our Regular customers who order under 2 Pounds (Lbs) at a time won’t notice any increase. See our new About Us / Shipping Rates page for more info.

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