Saxo Grammaticus – Gesta Danorum (In two volumes)


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Saxo Grammaticus (Saxo the “Lettered”) stands as one of the most important literary sources of Germanic and Slavic pre-Christian religion and Mythology with his Gesta Danorum (History of the Danes). While the Matter is treated by Saxo as history, it is, in fact, euhemerism, and sheds light on the ancient Religion of the Teutons. This translation by Oliver Elton features an enlightening introduction by Frederick York Powell, providing background into the life off Saxo, his work and an overview of the Saxo’s sources and folk lore. Saxo’s treatment of the legendary Scandinavian figure Amleth was to later become the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet.
Included in the Appendix is an excerpt from a fragment of book XIV of Saxo’s Manuscript which describes in great detail, the Slavic Temple on the Island of Rugen and the shrine to the God Swietovit.
The Hamer edition is an unabridged and unaltered reproduction of the Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus originally written in the 12th century in Latin and published in English in 1905 by the Norroena Society as part of a collection of books called the “Anglo-Saxon Classics”. Hamer is the Publishing arm of The Irminfolk Odinist Community.
These classic reproduction books published by Hamer are laboriously typeset by volunteers and are not scans from old withdrawn library “cull” books. These two volumes are reproduced from the Irminfolk’s original 1905 set of the Norroena Library in order to offer valuable resources to the study of Native European Spirituality.



  • Format: 6″ x 9″
  • Paperback: 618 pages in Two volumes
  • Publisher: Hamer Classics


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