The Heimskringla- Snorre Sturlason (In three volumes)


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   The Heimskringla, otherwise known as “The Saga of Kings” was written in the year 1230 by the most famous of Nordic poets Snorri Sturlason, otherwise known for writing the Prose Edda. It is an expansive and epic work starting with Snorri’s reformat of the pre-Christian Ynglingatal into the saga of the Yngling Kings and depicting the formation of Nordic society from Odin and his fellow Gods to the mortal Kings who ruled over Sweden and eventually Norway, and ending with the Saga of Magnús Erlingsson who fell a little more than a century beforehand. It is a work that deftly intertwines legend and history, myth and fact, weaving a subtle and engrossing narrative of the history of Scandinavian royalty during the ancient prechristian past and the Viking age. It is a work that has fascinated historians and captivated readers for generations. We collect it here to preserve its legacy for generations to come.
The Hamer edition is an unabridged and unaltered reproduction of Snorre Sturlason’s The Heimskringla published in English in 1905 by the Norroena Society as part of a collection of books called the “Anglo-Saxon Classics”. Hamer is the Publishing arm of The Irminfolk Odinist Community.
These classic reproduction books published by Hamer are laboriously typeset by volunteers and are not scans from old withdrawn library “cull” books. Each page is transcribed manually and all twelve of the photogravures in this set are recreated from original prints.  These three volumes are reproduced from the Irminfolk’s original 1905 set of the Norroena Library in order to offer you affordable access to valuable resources on the study of Native European Spirituality.



  • Format: 6″ x 9″
  • Paperback: 1,070 pages in Three volumes
  • Publisher: Hamer Classics


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