Teutonic Mythology- Viktor Rydberg (In three volumes)


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In a time when Christian revisionism was regarded as an unquestionable fact, one man stood against the hissing choirs of nepotistic academics. His name was Viktor Rydberg, one of Sweden’s most prolific sons. A thinker, writer, and revolutionary scholar who championed an authentic retelling of his ancestor’s native faith. Teutonic Mythology is a trilogy containing some of Rydberg’s most precious work. These books remain relevant over a century later. A song from the mists of primordial Germania that still resonates on in our age and will continue into the future. A mandatory read for any budding heathen scholar or seasoned theologian.
The Hamer edition is an unabridged and unaltered reproduction of Viktor Rydberg’s Teutonic Mythology published in English in 1905 by the Norroena Society as part of a collection of books called the “Anglo-Saxon Classics”. Hamer is the Publishing arm of The Irminfolk Odinist Community.
These classic reproduction books published by Hamer are laboriously typeset by volunteers and are not scans from old withdrawn library “cull” books. Each page is transcribed manually and all twelve of the photogravures in this set are recreated from original prints.  These three volumes are reproduced from the Irminfolk’s original 1905 set of the Norroena Library in order to offer you affordable access to valuable resources on the study of Native European Spirituality.



  • Format: 6″ x 9″
  • Paperback: 1,058 pages in Three volumes
  • Publisher: Hamer Classics


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