The Story of Burnt Njal


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 Of all the Sagas relating to Iceland, this tragic story bears away the palm for truthfulness and beauty. Like all the Sagas which relate to the same period of Icelandic story, Njal was not written down till about 100 years after the events which are described in it had happened. In the meantime, it was handed down by word of mouth, told from Althing to Althing, at Spring Thing, and Autumn Leet, at all great gatherings of the people, and over many a fireside, on sea strand or river bank, or up among the dales and hills, by men who had learnt the sad story of Njal’s fate.

This Hamer edition is an unabridged and unaltered reproduction of the Saga of Burnt Njal originally written  in Icelandic and published in English in 1905 by the Norroena Society as part of a collection of books called the “Anglo-Saxon Classics”. Hamer is the Publishing arm of The Irminfolk Odinist Community.

These classic reproduction books published by Hamer are laboriously typeset by volunteers and are not scans from old withdrawn library “cull” books. These are reproduced from the Irminfolk’s original 1905 set of the Norroena Library in order to offer valuable resources to the study of Native European Spirituality.

311 pages, Paperback


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