‘Summoning the Gods’ by Collin Cleary


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Summoning the Gods
By Collin Cleary

Paperback (5.9” X 8.9”), 216 Pages, Theology/Philosophy/Mythology
Printed on High Quality Cream Acid Free Paper, Print on Demand

Counter-Currents Publishing (July 15, 2011)

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From the Rear Cover:

Neo-paganism is the attempt to revive the polytheistic religions of old Europe. But how? Can one just invent or reinvent an authentic, living faith? Or are modern neo-pagans just engaged in elaborate role-playing games?

In SUMMONING THE GODS, Collin Cleary argues that the gods have not died or forsaken us so much as we have died to or forsaken them. Modern civilization-including much of modern neo-paganism-springs from a mindset that closes man off to the divine and traps us in a world of our own creations. Drawing upon sources from Taoism to Heidegger, Collin Cleary describes how we can attain an attitude of openness that may allow the gods to return.

In these nine wide-ranging essays, Collin Cleary also explores the Nordic pagan tradition, Tantrism, the writings of Alain de Benoist, Karl Maria Wiligut, and Alejandro Jodorowski, and Patrick McGoohan’s classic television series The Prisoner. Cleary’s essays are models of how to combine clarity and wit with spiritual depth and intellectual sophistication.

SUMMONING THE GODS establishes Collin Cleary as one of the leading intellectual lights of contemporary Neo-Paganism.


From the Staff at Futhark:

Collin Cleary presents us with a modern day Philosophy for Odinists and Asatruar who are Enemies of the Modern World. The ideas proposed are nothing short of Revolutionary. With an Introduction by Greg Johnson, your journey starts. You are then led on a trail through the mists of Time and Æons long thought Dead to the Path where our Gods still Dwell! The final essay being the DEFINITIVE explanation of TV’s ‘The Prisoner’ with Patrick McGoohan, thus closing, there is something extremely unique about this tome. I have recommended it to everyone I have come across since it was released.

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