‘The Cycle of Nine’ by Juleigh Howard-Hobson


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The Cycle of Nine
By Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Paperback (5.5” X 8.5”), 60 Pages, Poetry
Printed on High Quality Cream Acid Free Paper, Print on Demand

RavensHalla Arts (Midsummer 2012)

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From the Publisher:

The 3rd book published by RavensHalla Arts. Foreword by Xenia Sunic. The Cycle of Nine is one of the best representations of the New Formalist movement that has taken root in literary circles. Written by Juleigh Howard Hobson, an award winning formalist poet, The Cycle of Nine brings a post-modern darkness to traditional form and meter resulting in a precisely loaded synthesis of old and new, charm and bleakness. The Author’s nods to European and English myth and echoes of History grasp towards light, combines and contrasts, ebbs and flows with an organic rhythm and faultless style.


Praise for ‘The Cycle of Nine’:

Juleigh Howard-Hobson is one of my favorite contemporary poets. Her work combines formal and sensuous beauty with profound roots in the spirituality, traditions, and life-world of Northern Europe. The Cycle of Nine is well-named, for the cycle of day and night, the cycle of the seasons, and the great cycle of history all have their turn. And when they merge one into another – when the sensuousness of fall and winter suddenly open out to eternity, when the certitude of dawn is transmuted into hope amidst the abjectness of European man – the effect is sublime…even “poetic” (to use a much abused word). – Greg Johnson, Editor North American New Right, Counter-Currents Publishing

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