‘The Songs’ by D. Jonathan Jones


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The Songs
By D. Jonathan Jones

Paperback (5.5” X 8.5”), 54 Pages, Poetry
Printed on High Quality Cream Acid Free Paper, Print on Demand

RavensHalla Arts (October 11, 2013)

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From the Publisher:

D. Jonathan Jones weaves a sacred set of words. The Songs is a celebration of the fire and ice of Midgard—embracing all that is abstract and sensuous, all that is hot and cold, all that is iron and air. Bringing together the influences of The Havamal, Beowulf, Nietzsche, Crowley and the esoteric teachings of The Rune Gild, The Songs are 27 paeans to blood and spirit. Eminently suitable for quiet reflection and as eminently suited for ritual use.

Unfailingly symbolic—from the images, and words chosen, to the format of each song (9 syllables per line, 9 lines per song)—The Songs contain poetry that enhance and develop from our European literary traditions. No delicate verse here, though, no mincing lines, no post-modern experiments, just solid, mystic, clearly inspired works. All 27 of them.

The Songs is a companion piece to The Three Paths Through Midgard, but is neither sequel or prequel. Both works are strong enough to stand alone.

RavensHalla is proud to release the first edition on 10-11-2013—a date that adds to 9.

Foreword by Ian Read

Introduction by Collin Cleary

Illustrated by Danny Pockets

Cover/title image drawn from Terra Salvaria (Pera Accognuda)


The Songs is made up of 27 poems, or songs, that draw on traditional runic or arcane influences, such as The Havamal of Odin, Beowulf, Nietzsche and Alistair Crowley. Each of the songs is 9 lines long, and each line contains 9 syllables. This creates a deliberate rhythm as well as a magickal form. 9 is a sacred Norse number. This book is the companion to the author’s first rune-poem book, Three Paths Through Midgard, although it is complete in itself. Rune Gild members, Asatru and Odinic readers, people interested in magic, magick, pagan pathways and traditional old English poetry will all find this book interesting, enlightening and contemplative.


Praise for ‘The Songs’:

With this second book of Erulian poetry, Jones has secured his place as singer of the sacred. Every one of the 27 poems is perfect in craft and profound in scope. So well-wrought are The Songs that it is not coincidences that the best words of praise could be written about these lofty works in our Tradition are to be found in the last 3rd of the 9th song itself:

We prove ourselves in our worthy works,
The mark of their maker upon them,
Sure as a father’s eyes in his child.

–Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Author of ‘The Cycle of Nine’ and ‘I do not belong to the Baader-Meinhof Group’


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